Earth Dance Singers wearing skirts, standing on steps outside of Capital building in Madison, WI.

The Seven Sacred Gifts Bravery, Wisdom, Respect, Honesty, Love, Humility, and Truth were exemplified by our students, the Earth Dance Singers, at the Governor's Inauguration, held at the State Capitol in Madison, on January 3, 2023.

We want to share some highlights of our 7th-grade students, who comprise the Earth Dance Singers, and their recent trip to Madison to sing for Governor Tony Evers, for his Inauguration as Wisconsin's Governor.

Did you know that the Earth Dance Singers are a relatively new group here at our school? It's true! They began last March when they approached Ms. Kal^na to ask if they could sing and practice together during recess. That student-led initiative has continued into this school year, and the Earth Dance Singers are now an official group of Indian Community School, much like the Eagle Drum Singers.

When the request came in from the Governor's Office, the Earth Dance Singers hadn't had much time to practice this school year, but they did not let that deter them. They were focused and determined in their efforts, which showed in their singing and poise.

The Governor's Office ensured that our students got to ride "in style" and assigned a staff member to greet and escort us inside the Capitol, which was amazing!

Earth Dance Singers "in the News!"
There were dozens of professional news media reporters in the Rotunda that day, and our very own brave ICS Exclusive News Team took their places among them to take photos and capture memories for our school. We are so proud of them too!

PBS filmed the entire event, which can be watched here: CLICK THIS LINK. You'll see the Earth Dance Singers at about 32:18 in this YouTube video.

Our Ways Staff
We also want to take this opportunity to let our families know about our amazing staff who teach, support, and mentor the Earth Dance Singers! Dr. Powless, Director of Our Ways, actively supports and accompanies our singing groups when they are asked to perform. His staff works directly with our students to teach and guide them and to ensure they have what they need, including moral support to help their confidence develop and grow. They got together and sewed beautiful ribbon skirts and shirts so that our singers and staff had a polished look aligned with our teachings and traditions. Aside from Ms. Kal^na, who teaches them how to sing and dance, we have Ms. Audra and Ms. Cheyenne, who work alongside Ms. Kal^na to support our students in all aspects, including sewing!

We couldn't be more proud of our students and staff — Pįįxjį, Wēskewat, Onizhishin, Yoyánehle — that's great, everyone! The Earth Dance Singers who sang in Madison were Savannah J, Destiny D, Leelee W, Malia C, Lilly L, Natahlia R, Tessa T, and Rilynn D.