3rd annual Bear Moon Pow Wow banner has grand entry times, mother bear, two babies, full moon and date of Saturday, January 28th

ICS had an incredible 3rd Annual Bear Moon Pow Wow on Saturday, January 28, 2023, here at our school.  Our traditional pow wow hosted approximately 500 guests, including dancers, singers, drums, Veterans and amazing Native craftspeople from near and far.  Our pow wow included dance specials for Adult Fancy, Teen Boys Woodland, Teen Girls Scrub, and a Youth Dance Special. Bear Moon Pow Wow was free and open to the public, and it was a wonderful gathering for our school community.

Community Sponsors who supported our Bear Moon Pow Wow and Dance Specials include:

  • Great Lakes Inter Tribal Elder Programs
  • Spotted Eagle, Inc.
  • First American Capital Corporation
  • First Nations Studies 
  • Strong Native Minds 
  • UW-Milwaukee American Indian Student Center 

A heartfelt, "Wa'įniginąp šąną  /  Wāēwāēnen  /  Miigwech  /  Yawʌɂkó  /  Thank You" to everyone who made our 3rd Annual Bear Moon Pow Wow successful!   We are especially grateful to ICS staff, volunteers, alumni, students, families, community members, craft vendors, drums and singers, dancers, Veterans, Goodeagle Gourmet, and our beloved elders who made our pow wow special!

Emcee: Dylan Prescott 
Arena Director: Ronald Goodeagle 
Head Veteran: Walker Stonefish 
Head Female: Beedoskah Stonefish 
Head Male: Silas Whitebuffalo 
Head Teen: Seneca Pyawasit 
Head Teen: Kenew Awonohopay 
ICS Head Youth: Marie DeCora 
ICS Head Youth: Devin Bonneville 

Host Drum: Smokeytown 
Co-Host Drum: Chief Hill 
Invited Drums: 
Little Bear 
Little Priest 
Wolf River