3 Founding Mothers, 50 Year graphic circular graphic flowers and aerial photo of school with "Light the Path" and ICS logo

Indian Community School (ICS) began in 1969 when three courageous Oneida mothers decided to remove their children from the Milwaukee Public School system and teach them at home. ICS was born of perseverance and determination, and it's those qualities that have consistently worked for us as our school has evolved over the years.  We have an amazing story that was told through a film documentary entitled  Light the Path,  directed by Chris Eyre (Arapaho and Cheyenne). 

Light the Path is an oral history from over 40 people who shared their experiences and memories about the school, including the Founding Mothers of our school, activists and allies, earliest and current students, teachers, Board members, leaders and staff, and the families and community members who collectively shaped what our school has become. It's told in "our way" through unscripted, personal testimony supported by historical imagery and video footage.

In May 2022, we shared our film documentary with our students, staff, and the community over three days, with a special reception at the initial screening and a Community Feast the following evening.  Founding Mother Marj Stevens joined other VIPs from our school's earliest days, along with film director Chris Eyre, to watch the film documentary and celebrate with us.  Later in October, we screened Light the Path at the National Indian Education Association (NIEA) annual conference; Chris Eyre joined us for the film and answered questions for the audience afterward.

Questions about our film documentary, Light the Path, should contact the school at (414) 525-6100 or by email at media@ics-edu.org.