ICS 8th grade students outside in the outdoor learning space they created

ICS 8th graders, the Class of 2023, connected with Mother Earth in new ways recently, as they worked together to create an outdoor learning space for younger students, for generations to come.  They began their work in a good way — with words of gratitude, asking for permission, and tobacco. They learned to use garden tools, and to dig, saw, rake and shovel. They transplanted strawberries, raspberries, and saplings.  They helped one another lift, haul, spread, roll, cut, and wheel materials and supplies. 

By day number four, an incredible space had been transformed, and our students got to enjoy their amazing accomplishments. They transformed more than just the land... they transformed. We are so proud of them and grateful for their teamwork! We hope they will come back as our alumni to visit and utilize the special learning space they created.

Two students carrying a large log through the woods.

students with wheelbarrows and rakes working on outdoor space
Three students spread mulch over weed barrier.

Transformed space with mulch and tree trunks seats.