Nine females in ribbon shirts and skirts, singing as they perform an Earth Dance at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

ICS students, families, alumni, and staff celebrated our student's Art Exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum on March 12, 2023. The ICS Earth Dance Singers were invited to perform and they engaged a large audience, who danced with them as they filled the Museum's spaces and hallways with Haudenosaunee words and songs. Guests that day also enjoyed a number of Native artists, cultural craft-making, storytelling, exhibitions, and dancers. It was a beautiful gathering for Milwaukee's Native community, ICS families and other families who were a part of the Milwaukee Art Museum's Family Sunday program.

Student Art Exhibits
Our Art Teacher, Ms. Ramirez, mentored ICS artists in grades 3 through 8, who participated in a special after-school weeks-long program to work on their artwork. The outcomes were amazing! ICS artists' work was displayed inside the Museum, along with a photo exhibit from the Menominee Indian High School featuring Menominee students and their traditional works of art. 

Families were also encouraged to participate in various craft projects such as beading, corn husk doll making, collages, and embellished clay tiles.

Earth Dance Singers
ICS opened up the program with words of gratitude by ICS alumni, Laila King.  After the words that are spoken before all others were taken care of, the Earth Dance Singers shared four songs and invited the audience to join them. 

Native Artists and Their Works of Art
Native artists from Milwaukee and all over Wisconsin displayed their traditional and contemporary works of art as part of the Museum's Family Sunday program.

  • Jennifer M. Stevens showcased her traditional Oneida pottery and clay tiles.
  • Kahuhyak^le / Stephenie Muscavitch VanEvery and her family helped other families learn about corn husk dolls and how to make them. Kahuhyak^le also shared traditional stories.
  • In the Kohl’s Art Studio, Benjamin Grignon helped families learn how to make beaded bracelets.
  • ICS Alumnus, Harmony Hill displayed her beautiful paintings and artwork made from wood.
  • Oneida artist, Scott Hill displayed his paintings and sculptures.
  • Ho-Chunk and Ojibwe artist, Chris Sweet displayed his paintings, cards and prints; he also started and completed a new painting that day at the Art Museum.
  • Oneida artist, Kristelle M. Ulrich, displayed her paintings, personal artist sketchbook, and a collection of Etch A Sketch® based artwork, while working on an original painting during the event.

Performances and More 

  • ICS alumnus  Laila King shared a Haudenosaunee opening
  • ICS Earth Dance Singers shared four Earth Dance songs
  • Kahuhyak^le Stephenie Muscavitch VanEvery shared stories (Winter Storytelling)
  • American Indian Center of Milwaukee Dance Troupe shared traditional songs and dances
  • A special tour of "Native America: In Translation" was led by Ariel Pate, Assistant Curator of Photography at the Milwaukee Art Museum