At Indian Community School, we strive to ensure that every student receives the support he/she needs to learn and grow.  We are committed to providing students with additional instruction when necessary.  As a team, we come together each fall, winter, and spring to review assessment information, which includes assessments from MAP Growth Reading and Math, MAP Reading Fluency, classroom summative assessments, and teacher observations to identify student strengths and areas for growth.

Based on ongoing assessment information, students who would benefit from extra support are identified.  As a result, every grade level at ICS has a scheduled, daily intervention block. During this time, students participate in small group work and/or 1:1 instruction to address specific areas of need that also align with classroom work.  This support occurs in addition to small group or independent practice that is a part of regular classroom instruction.  Continuation of intervention support is re-evaluated after several weeks of instruction and a review of student progress. 

Students receiving literacy support participate in lessons that engage them in the following:

  • developing the foundational skills of reading - phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, & phonics

  • writing and spelling practice to solidify foundational skills

  • reading comprehension and vocabulary building 

  • reading fluency to promote automaticity of foundational skills

Students receiving math support participate in lessons that engage them in the following:

  • developing the foundational skills of math - number sense, fact fluency, problem solving strategies

  • addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice

  • building flexibility with problem solving strategies and explain the thinking process

Three Tiered Approach

TIER I: High quality, authentic learning experiences that support grade-level standards and learning targets, aligned to ICS Course Overviews. Instructional practices that are evidence-based and culturally responsive. Individual student goal setting based on clear, measurable learning outcomes.

TIER II: Targeted small group instruction that supplements instruction in Tier I. 

TIER II: Intense, individualized instruction that supplements instruction in Tier I.

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