Physical Education

At ICS, all students receive regularly scheduled Physical Education that encourages, inspires challenges, and teaches them about safety, wellness, healthy living, and physical fitness. Being physically active is an important part of overall health and an essential element of body, mind, and spirit wellness. Our students experience Physical Education instruction in an environment of love, kindness, compassion and joy.

Our Physical Education program is infused with indigenous teachings and ways of being. Students learn about indigenous games and play them. Our students also participate in activities that complement and reinforce what they are learning in other areas of our school, such as pow wow and social dances, Manoomin Camp, Deer Hide Camp, Maple Sugar Camp, snow snake, and more.

Large group of ICS students wearing hats, skates and smiles, as they sit on the ice at the Pettit Center with teachers and chaperones.

ICS students learn about physical fitness, health, rhythms and dance, and individual, dual, and team sports. Specific sports and activities that are taught include volleyball, baseball, basketball, hockey, to name a few. Indigenous games such as lacrosse, double ball, archery, track and field, long ball, snowshoeing, and more, are also taught and played by ICS students

If you have questions about the ICS Physical Education program, please contact our Physical Education Teacher, Ms. Christofferson, at 414-525-6100.

A group of 3 teachers and 8 students are outside, standing on green grass with lacrosse sticks high in the air. One student and one teacher are wearing face masks.

Twelve students are outside on the grass; the school building is behind them. They are learning how to play double ball.

14 students are inside the gym playing paddle ball. There is a low net dividing the gym floor and some of the students are wearing face masks.