We believe that our students come to school with a musical background already in place. A quality music education broadens that foundation through learning experiences that include singing, playing instruments, analyzing, creating, and listening. In a world that demands new solutions to difficult problems, the study of music provides our students with the skills to look at solutions, explore new approaches, and focus on challenging tasks. Music can help us in life.

Music education provides opportunities for students to experience music in a variety of ways. It also helps students develop an appreciation for and a love of music while encouraging them to develop new musical skills.

Group of students playing recorders at a concert; teacher is on the right, conducting them.

Our teaching and learning approach to Music is:

  • Creative: it provides avenues for personal expression and reflection.

  • Mindful: it requires concentration, problem-solving, responsibility, accountability and collaboration.

  • Joyful: it provides a release and balance, and it provides inspiration and satisfaction to our daily life.

  • Social: it gathers us together and helps us work

  • Multicultural: it is embedded in every society and culture around the world, and throughout time.

Native languages, cultures, ceremonies, and ways of being have always been expressed through music!

For more information on the Music program taught here at Indian Community School, please contact our Music Teacher, Ms. Amy Meyer at (414) 525-6100.

Classroom of students seated on chairs, playing ukuleles. Two are wearing facemasks.

A young boy is wearing a blue printed hooded jacked and blue jeans, is sitting backwards on a black chair, holding two wooden drum sticks. Other students and a large display panel are in the background.

Group of students are singing at a concert.

Female student wearing a red t-shirt, is holding and playing a bongo drum for two blond students in the foreground. A laptop computer is open. They are inside with plants all around them and teachers and students are far away in the background.

A female student is leaning foward to look up close at another student who you cannot see in the photo, except for their hands, which are on a homemade piano. A "Voce for Macyne" box and music notes are in the photo. Other students are visible in the distant background.